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The moment I stepped in there I should have known better. The associate "Vahe" looked and smelled like he had not showered or brushed his teeth in weeks. His shirt had a stain and his jacket had a hole in it. Rotondo is not better with empty soup bowls on his desk, it looked like a bomb went off in that place. He has NO compassion for his clients. Everyone and everything has a dollar amount attached to them. He just wanted me to settle as quickly as possible so he could get his percentage and move on. He spoke down to me and was so arrogant, but I did my own research and the lawyer I went to after I fired him, discovered countless mistakes. I was in the waiting area and heard him screaming and throwing a tantrum from his office like a 2 year old. The staff there (Anna and Daniella) follow his lead to the letter. They always seemed annoyed when I came in or heaven forbid I call asking a question, like I was interrupting their social hour. I never saw them do anything but gab to each other, play with their cell phones and eat. Everything about this place is a "What Not To Do" example for a law firm, professionalism and how to treat people. These people are why lawyers have the reputation they do. There are so many personal injury lawyers in Toronto, AVOID THESE PEOPLE or at the very least contact another lawyer and consider filing a malpractice law suit against them because chances are they screwed up your case or acted unethically somewhere along the way.

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Rotondo Law Firm

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1235 Bay St, Toronto, ON M5R 3K4, Canada
(416) 868-0900