5 Tips Slip and Fall Lawyers Will Give You

Amelia Robin 2016-08-02 10:00:00

For the most part, slip and fall injuries are the result of negligence on the part of a business, a property manager or even the municipality. Negligence takes place when a property owner, entrepreneur or city manager causes harm to another individual by not performing a duty. It is the responsibility of property owners to take the necessary steps to ensure others are safe.

Personal injury cases, which are usually slip and fall incidents, will often leave the victim incapacitated for an extended period of time. This then means that you will be unable to earn a living because you are sidelined for weeks or even months. Compensation is key in these events.

When you seek out the services of slip and fall lawyers, they will always give you astute advice on how to move forward. These sage recommendations can help you get what you deserve. And, if you wish to continue paying the rent, the bills and the lights, then it is of vital importance to hire a slip and fall attorney to ensure you garner remuneration for this traumatic experience.

Here are five tips that slip and fall lawyers will give you:


You Have to Know Your Time

Every jurisdiction has its own Statutes of Limitations. In the province of Ontario, you will be provided with a limited amount of time to file a claim following a slip and fall accident. In most incidents, the timeframe is roughly two years. If you fail to file a claim in this allotted time period then you will not be able to have a settlement. In the end, you have to be quick to file.


Don't Sign or Say Anything

After a slip and fall accident, you should not sign or say anything. By doing this, you may get yourself into trouble or strip your right of a settlement.

There are generally two rules of thumb pertaining to this: first, refrain from signing anything without the presence of your attorney. Second, never say anything in front of witnesses or cameras (the latter is much, much worse) that could perform harm to your case.

If you avoid these two things then you will certainly protect yourself. For more legal information, check out Claim Accident Services and learn how their legal expertise can help you.


See a Doctor Right Away

Once you have a serious slip and fall accident, you shouldn't waste anytime and you must see a doctor right away. If you have an accident, but you only see a doctor a couple of months later then this may seem suspect from the beginning. Either visit a doctor the day of or visit a doctor soon after the slip and fall. Also, be sure to get plenty of documentation from the physician.


Get the Contact Info of Witnesses

If someone has helped you up or someone watched the entire thing then be sure to write down their contact information. Nothing helps your case more than having a witness on hand. The witness will attest to what exactly happened and be a witness for the prosecution. 


Maintain Strict Records

Lastly, one of the most prudent steps to take is to maintain strict records. These records will consist of documents, paperwork and files that contain dates, numbers and other imperative information related to your case. Also, try to make duplicates of every single piece of paper and file them correctly. The justice system appreciates records, particularly detailed and organized records that can amplify the claims made in the case. Channel your inner administrator!

Slip and falls can occur from icy entrances in front of stores. Slip and falls can transpire from snow and ice engulfing stairways. Slip and falls can take place from shoddy repair work.

As you can tell, slip and falls can unfold in all sorts of ways. The most important thing is that you're safe and healthy, and should you suffer a significant injury then the property owners have to be held responsible. This is especially true if you live paycheck-to-paycheck.

In the event of a slip and fall accident, visit an attorney who specializes in this area. Once you tap the services of this professional then you know you will be in good hands moving forward. You will get what you're owed and you will ensure other people won't fall victim to negligence.

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