5 Tips for Confidential Corporate Document Destruction

Jane Spencer 2016-08-17 16:00:00


For corporations and small businesses, now is more important than ever before to properly partake in document destruction, otherwise known as paper shredding. Although document destruction is a great way to secure your disposal, you can still have your privacy violated.

A wave of recent court rulings state that once trash has been placed in a public place for trash then the contents of that disposal can't be expected to stay private. This is very dangerous in today's business climate. Any breach of privacy could compromise trade secrets, confidential client information revelations and personal data. It could hurt a company's reputation.

By participating in the document destruction process, you can feel confident that everything has been properly shredded and that it would be nearly impossible for anyone to retrieve that info.

Everything from new technology to local community initiatives, everyone is beginning to realize the importance and value of document destruction. Want to avoid identity theft? Begin to shred.

Here are five tips for confidential corporate document destruction:


You Have to Pick the Right Shredder

When you're going it alone, you will have to select the right shredder for your destruction needs.

Here's something that you may be unaware of: most shredders slice documents into very long horizontal strips, but you can still make out various words and sentences. This is something that unscrupulous individuals could still use for credit card receipts, paycheck stubs and client data.

What you will want to purchase is a cross-cut shredder, which is far more secure because it cuts the paper in two directions. You can't reconstruct the paper and your data is safe.


Why Not Outsource Your Document Destruction Needs?

If you want to avoid the headache and stress of document destruction then you should outsource your shredding needs and hire a company that specializes in this area. By tapping a professional document destruction firm, such as Shred-it Australia, you can remain confident that paperwork you don't want revealed to the general public will be completely destroyed.


Regular Shredding Helps You go Paperless

The latest trend in the office universe is to go paperless as a way to complement the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) movement. Initially, this can be difficult because of all of the paper and documents scattered across the office landscape. The solution to this problem is regular shredding, which will certainly help you become a paperless office. Whether you have hired a shredding company or you've gone solo, you can just keep the most important documents at work and shred the rest.


Understand Local Document Disposal Laws

As we've mentioned before, courts don't hold the view that your shredding disposal can remain private once they're tossed into the trash. Therefore, it's always best to research and learn about your municipality's document disposal laws. This way you can come up with the best practices to get rid of your shredded paper and how you can ensure your privacy will remain intact.


Don't Forget About Your Devices

When we think about shredding, we just think of documents, receipts and paper. But shredding can also pertain to your devices and hard drives. There are shredding businesses that offer services to destroy your hard drives. Remember, even if you delete all of the information stored on the hard drive it can still be retrieved.

So, you have a couple of options: shredding or burning the device.

In a world filled with identity theft, security breaches and data vulnerabilities, you don't want to fall victim to this. Indeed, when it comes to stealing your corporate or personal information, it won't just be someone sitting behind a computer. Instead, they'll have no qualms in going through trash, finding your documents and then exploiting the shredded documents.

In the end, you'll want to shred properly, hire the best of the best and know local disposal laws.


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